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Sheet Music Revision Title Status Music Category Key played in Made available
 Phantom of the Opera, TheIn LibraryCornet Solo
Thu, 11 Aug 2022
 Three SidedIn Pads - Learning NowFeature - Trombone
Trombone Solo
Thu, 2 May 2024
 Taps in TempoActive ProgrammeXylophone SoloThu, 27 Jun 2024
 Dear Lord And Father Of MankindActive ProgrammeHymn
Hymn Tune
Thu, 27 Jun 2024
 Heroes of Our TimeIn Pads - Learning NowGeneral RepertoireTue, 16 Jul 2024
1Steadfast And TrueIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
10On the Quarter DeckIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
100Christmas Carol BooksIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1000Rocky Mountain Centennial (march)In LibraryMarch 
1001Whistle Down the WindActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1002Little Prayer, AIn LibraryReligious 
1003At the Sign of the Swinging CymbalActive ProgrammePop 
1004Bohemian RhapsodyIn LibraryPop 
1005Gabriels OboeActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1006Two Christmas FanfaresActive ProgrammeCeremonial
1007Ocean BounceActive Programme  
1008Policemans HolidayActive Programme  
1009Star DustActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
101National AnthemIn Pads - Learning NowCeremonial 
1010I dreamt I dwelt in marble HallsActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1011Feelin' LowActive Programme  
1012Basso BrazilioActive ProgrammeEb solo 
1013TurbaActive Programme  
1014Celebration SweetActive Programme  
1015Battle hymn of the republicActive Programme  
1016Supreme SacrificeActive Programme  
1017Lord is my Shepherd (The)Active ProgrammeReligious 
1018Don't it make my brown eyes blueActive ProgrammeFlugel/Horn 
1019Drink to me onlyActive Programme  
102White ChristmasIn LibraryChristmas
reduced to march card size
1020Three memoreis for brassActive Programme  
1021Jean-ElizabethActive ProgrammeEuph Solo 
1022Easter hymnActive ProgrammeClassical 
1023Music for the common manActive Programme  
1024BirdlandIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1025GwahoddiadActive Programme  
1026MarianneActive Programme  
1027Just one more timeActive ProgrammePop 
1028Sinfonietta for brass bandActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1029Telex from PeruActive Programme  
103Chanson D'AmourIn Library10 Piece
1030Stella by StarlightActive Programme  
1031Lost Chord, TheIn LibraryClassical 
1032SoliloquyActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1033AriosoActive Programme  
1034Vitae LuxActive ProgrammePop 
1035White christmasIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1036GymnopedieActive ProgrammeClassical 
1037Little Drummer boyActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1038The wonder of christmas - Festival MarchActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1039BirdlandActive Programme  
104Pizzicato PolkaIn LibraryClassical 
1040Here there and everywhereActive ProgrammeFeature - Horn 
1041Gael (The)Active Programme  
1042Concerto GrossoActive Programme  
1043Music for GreenwichIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1044Summon the heroesActive Programme  
1045Pines of romeActive ProgrammeClassical 
1046Le Domino NoirActive Programme  
1047BenActive ProgrammePop 
1048BorageIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1049Intrada Ein Feste BurgActive Programme  
105Matchstalk MenIn LibraryPop 
1050Our Kind of loveActive Programme  
1051Prae LudiumActive Programme  
1052Undaunuted (The)Active Programme  
1053Hamabe NoutaActive Programme  
1054Schindlers LsitActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1055CrazyActive ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
1056Concerto for trumpetActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1057CanonActive ProgrammeClassical 
1058Blue Bells of ScotlandActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1059Tzena, tzena,tzenaActive Programme  
106SalamancaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
1060Capriccio BrillianteActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1061Famous british marchesIn LibrarySelection 
1062Irish Blessing (The)In LibraryReligious 
1063Festival Fanfare - St FrancisActive ProgrammeReligious 
1064For the love of a princessActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1065Unchained MelodyActive ProgrammePop 
1066Flower Duet (The)Active ProgrammeDuet - Cornet 
1067Accursed Huntsman (The)In LibraryClassical 
1068Independence Day SuiteActive Programme  
1069Postcards From MexicoActive Programme  
107Annen PolkaIn LibraryClassical 
1070CantilenaActive Programme  
1071Maids of the Mourne ShoreActive Programme  
1072Symphonic SoulActive ProgrammeClassical 
1073Anyone can whistleActive Programme  
1074Adagio for StringsActive ProgrammeClassical 
1075Slavische FantasieActive ProgrammeCornet/Euph Solo 
1076New Christmas Festival (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1077Russian Christmas MusicActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1078PraeludiumActive Programme  
1079Sleigh RideActive ProgrammeClassical 
108Hey, Mr. Music ManIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
reduced to march card size
1080Windows of the WorldActive ProgrammeSelection 
1081Barbarian Horde ( From Gladiator )Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1082Ayres of Agincourt (The)Active Programme  
1083Celestial ProspectActive Programme  
1084Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1085Lord of the Rings (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1086Santa ClaustrophobiaIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1087Land of the Mountain and the Flood (The)Active Programme  
1088Carol Fantasy (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1089Shepherds Farewell (The)Active ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
109Hustle (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
reduced to march card size
1090Away in a MangerActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1091West Riding Christmas (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1092Spirt of Christmas (The)In Christmas PadChristmas 
1093Away in a MangerActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1094Once in Royal David's CityActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1095Fantasia BrillianteActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1096You are the Sunshine of my LifeActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1097Fantasy for TromboneActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1098Hark! The Herald Angels SingActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1099No Matter WhatActive ProgrammePop 
11Standard of St. George (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
110Shadow Of Your Smile (The)In LibraryCornet Solo 
1100EndeavourActive Programme  
1101Gathering of the ClanActive Programme  
1102Aye Waukin' O!Active Programme  
1103Salute to the countActive Programme  
1104MistyActive ProgrammeEuph Solo 
1105AngelsActive ProgrammePop 
1106Le Carnaval RomainActive ProgrammeClassical 
1107Berliner Luft - MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
1108Un Vie De Matelot ( A Sailor's Life)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1109Symphony for BrassActive Programme  
111Floral Dance (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
reduced to march card size
1110Symphony of ThanksgivingActive Programme  
1111O Come, all Ye FaithfulIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1112First Nowell (The)In LibraryChristmas
reduced to march card size
1113Troika from Lieutenant KijeIn Christmas PadClassical
1114MasqueradeActive Programme  
1115Iona Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1116Folk FestivalActive ProgrammeClassical 
1117Yorkshire is my homeActive Programme  
1118ScaramoucheActive Programme  
1119LullabyActive Programme  
112CavatinaActive Programme  
1120Blue Light (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
1121FestosoActive Programme  
1122CapriccioActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1123Wandering the King's HighwayActive Programme  
1124Silver Threads amongst the GoldActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1125Star Trek - Deep Space NineActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1126MalaguenaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1127GwahoddiadActive Programme  
1128Symphonic Suite for Brass BandActive Programme  
1129King of Kings (The)Active ProgrammeReligious 
113King And I Selection (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1130Festival March - MilestoneActive ProgrammeMarch 
1131Mingulay Boatsong-The Leaving of Liverpool (The)Active Programme  
1132One more step along the world I goActive ProgrammeReligious 
1133PlaymatesActive ProgrammeDuet - Cornet 
1134March of the CobblersActive ProgrammeMarch 
1135Bess, You is my woman nowActive Programme  
1136Fanfare and the National AnthemActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
1137Catskills (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1138Silent Night - Ttombone SoloActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1139Christmas JoyIn Christmas PadChristmas 
114Cavalcade Of Martial SongsActive Programme  
1140Deck the HallActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1141Jingle BellsActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1142GreensleevesActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1143GoldcrestIn LibraryMarch 
1144Holy Well (The)In LibraryEuph Solo 
1145Alloway TalesIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1146Call of the CossacksActive Programme  
1147CapriccioActive ProgrammeEb solo 
1148Teddy Bears Picnic (The)Active ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
1149BecauseActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
115Brass AflameActive Programme  
1150Sweet and LowActive Programme  
1151'Tis the Last Rose of SummerActive Programme  
1152Le Carnaval RomainActive Programme  
1153Academic Festival OvertureActive ProgrammeClassical 
1154Our FlirtationsActive Programme  
1155Zorba's danceActive ProgrammeClassical 
1156Live and Let DieActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1157Touch of Mancini (A)Active Programme  
1158Sing Sing SingActive Programme  
1159SerenataActive Programme  
116Forty FathomsActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1160Queen of the night Active ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1161White ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1162LauraActive ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
1163Frankly SpeakingActive Programme  
1164Ol' Man RiverActive Programme  
1165Peanut Vendor (The)Active Programme  
1166Happy BirthdayActive Programme  
1167LightwalkActive ProgrammeReligious 
1168ValseIn LibraryCornet/Euph Solo 
1169Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerActive ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
117Cornet RoundaboutActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
1170Chicken RunActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1171Mambo CalienteActive Programme  
1172Show Me from My Fair LadyActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1173Laurel & Hardy (Another Fine Mess)Active ProgrammeDuet - Euphonium 
1174April in ParisIn LibraryFlugel Solo 
1175Santa Claus is comin' to TownActive ProgrammeBB solo 
1176Glenn Miller Suite (A)Active ProgrammeSelection 
1177Deep (Suite) (The)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
1178Ad OptimumActive Programme  
1179Kaleidoscope - (Brugg Song)Active Programme  
118Cornet CarillonActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
1180Black SamIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1181Elephant (The)Active ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
1182Bells of Peover (The)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1183Colors of the Wind (From Pocahontas)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1184Coronation Scene ( from Boris Godunov)Active ProgrammeClassical 
1185New York ( From East Coast Pictures)Active Programme  
1186Shelter Island (From East Coast Pictures)Active Programme  
1187American Dream (The)Active Programme  
1188RenaissanceActive Programme  
1189Variations for Brass BandActive Programme  
119Bombastic Bombardon (The)Active ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
1190French Baroque SuiteActive Programme  
1191KrakenIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1192Fanfare and FlourishesIn Pads - Learning NowGeneral Repertoire 
1193TV Detectives (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1194In Perfect PeaceIn LibraryReligious 
1195Festive Prelude (A)Active Programme  
1196One Voice - ReducedActive ProgrammePop 
1197Police Academy March (The) - ReducedActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1198Hine E HineActive Programme  
1199Believe Me, If all those endearing young charmsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
12Voice of the Guns (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
120Blaydon Races (The)In LibraryEuph Solo 
1200Royal Tank Regiment "My Boy Wille" - Regmental March PastActive ProgrammeMarch 
1201You'll Never Walk AloneActive ProgrammePop 
1202Worn Down PianoActive Programme  
1203Hymn to the FallenActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1205All Cried OutActive ProgrammePop 
1206Pachelbel's CanonActive ProgrammeClassical 
1207Jesus, Joy of Man's DesiringActive ProgrammeReligious 
1208Mamma MiaActive ProgrammeSelection 
1209Asereja (The Ketchup Song)Active ProgrammePop 
121First Suite in EbActive ProgrammeClassical 
1210CarrickfergusActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1211Cradle SongActive Programme  
1212All Time High (Bond Octopussy)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1213Darren's TuneActive Programme  
1214Nathan's AdventureActive ProgrammePercussion Group 
1215March to the Apple Crumble PieActive Programme  
1216Journey to a Hidden Place (A)Active ProgrammePercussion Group 
1217Ocean RequiemActive ProgrammeBaritone Solo 
1218Caprice - "Zelda"Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1219National Anthem (The)Active ProgrammeCeremonial 
122Second Suite In F MajorActive ProgrammeClassical 
1220StanshaweActive ProgrammeMarch 
1221Cartoon MusicActive Programme  
1222Amigos Para SiempreActive Programme  
1223Jupiter - ThemeActive ProgrammeClassical 
1224StingrayActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1225Sparkling DiamondsActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1226Swing Low Sweet ChariotActive ProgrammePop 
1227Rainy Days & MondaysActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1228Norwegian WoodActive ProgrammePop 
1229ValeroActive Programme  
123White Horse Inn SelectionActive ProgrammeSelection 
1230Eleanor RigbyActive ProgrammePop 
1231I only have eyes for youIn LibraryPop 
1232Motherless ChildActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1233Fearless and True - MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
1234Swiss Excursion (A)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
1235Royal Ulster Constabulary G.C. March (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
1236Prisms for Brass BandIn LibraryTest Piece 
1237Killing Me SoftlyActive ProgrammePop 
1238Rocking TrombonesIn LibraryTrombone Solo 
1239Kensington Concerto (A)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
124West Side Story SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1240Royal ParksIn LibraryTest Piece 
1241King KongActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1242ReptonActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1243Everybody Needs SomebodyActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1244Earl of Oxford's March (The)In LibraryMarch 
1245Liberty FanfareActive Programme  
1246Pirates of the CaribbeanActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1247Pokarekare AnaActive ProgrammeTrombone/Soprano Solo 
1248Over the RainbowActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1249You Raise Me UpActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
125Sound Of Music Selection (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1250Let Me Entertain YouActive ProgrammeSelection 
1251The WayfarerActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1252Be StillIn LibraryReligious 
1253Ballet For BandIn LibraryTest Piece 
1254Feather ThemeIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
1255Velos (Daisy Fantasy)Active Programme  
1256Return To SorentoActive ProgrammeBB solo 
1257SlaneActive ProgrammeBaritone Solo 
1258Pop Looks BachActive Programme  
1259Match Of The DayActive ProgrammeMarch 
126Paint Your Wagon SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1260An Untold StoryActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1261My First LoveMissingEuph Solo 
1262Deep HarmonyIn LibraryReligious 
1263Great is Thy FaithfulnessActive ProgrammeReligious 
1264I Will Follow HimActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
1265In MemoriumActive ProgrammeReligious 
1266All Things Bright And BeautifulActive ProgrammeEuph Solo 
1267The Armed Man - A Mass For PeaceIn LibraryClassicalThu, 20 Apr 2023
1268Band Of BrothersActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1269Sing Sing SingActive Programme  
127OklahomaActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1270Morning Has BrokenActive ProgrammeReligious 
1271Wise GuyActive Programme  
1272Make Me A Channel Of Your PeaceActive ProgrammeReligious 
1273BenadictusIn LibraryEuph Solo 
1274New World SketchesActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1275CrusadeActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1276Concert Piece No. 1Active ProgrammeFeature - 2 Euphonium & 2 Baritone 
1277Christmas Finale (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1278Rhapsody on Negro SpiritualsActive Programme  
1279FlowerdaleActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
128Love Story (Theme From)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1280Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Full Band Fanfare)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1281Rockin' around the Christmas TreeActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1282A Merry Little ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1283An American TrilogyActive Programme  
1284Highland CathedralActive Programme  
1285Fireball XL5 Zero GActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1286EventideIn LibraryReligious 
1287FolkmusicActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1288Softly SoftlyIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
1289Get HappyActive ProgrammePop 
129Round The ClockActive Programme  
1290American TaleActive Programme  
1291Yellow SubmarineActive ProgrammePop 
1292I'll walk with GodActive ProgrammeReligious 
1293Kingdom of DragonsActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1294Here's to the HeroesIn LibraryCornet Solo 
1295On the TrackActive ProgrammeXylophone Solo 
1296Bear NecesitiesActive ProgrammeEB Bass Solo 
1297Psalms and AlleluiasActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1298Highland CathedralActive ProgrammeFeature - Bagpipes 
1299Make Me A Channel Of Your PeaceActive ProgrammeReligious 
13B.B and C.F. (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
130Prelude For An OccasionActive Programme  
1300Colours of the WindIn Pads - Learning NowPop 
1301Lord of the DanceActive ProgrammeReligious 
1302Rule the World Active ProgrammePop 
1303Be Thou My VisionActive ProgrammeReligious 
1304TimepieceActive ProgrammeQuartet 
1305First QuartetActive ProgrammeQuartet 
1306Second QuartetActive ProgrammeQuartet 
1307William TellActive ProgrammeXylophone Solo 
1308MamaActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1309Rise of the PhoenixIn LibraryTest Piece 
131Onward Christian SoldiersActive ProgrammeReligious 
1310Summon the HeroesActive Programme  
1311It's Beginning To Look Like ChristmasIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1312Who is HeActive Programme  
1313Trio Con BrioIn LibraryHorn Trio 
1314High PeakIn LibraryTest Piece 
1315Saints FantasyActive Programme  
1316HallelujahActive ProgrammePop 
1317O VeronaActive Programme  
1318Cwm RhondaIn LibraryReligious 
1319Portraits of a CityActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
132NimrodActive ProgrammeClassical 
1320Kingdom Triumphant (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1321All Night LongActive ProgrammePop 
1322CrimondActive ProgrammeReligious 
1323Georgia On My MindActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1324ReptonActive ProgrammeReligious 
1325Haven't Met You YetActive ProgrammePop 
1326The Bold GendarmesActive ProgrammeTrombone Trio 
1327Rutland WaterActive Programme  
1328LibertangoIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1329InnuendoActive ProgrammePop 
133Little SerenadeActive Programme  
1330Lords Prayer from King of KingsActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1331Swing Low Sweet ChariotActive ProgrammeReligious 
1332David Of The White Rock / Angel VoicesActive ProgrammeReligious 
1333And to Him I'll singActive ProgrammeReligious 
1334Time WarpActive ProgrammePop 
1335Carol of the KingdomActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1336Angels PrayerActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1337Mountain ViewsActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1338Jai Ho!Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1339Police SpecialIn LibraryMarch 
134Jamaican RumbaActive Programme  
1340Mansions of the Lord, The In Pads - Learning NowHymn
Hymn Tune
reduced to march card size
1341Where Eagles DareActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1342The Lost ChordActive ProgrammeReligious 
1343Petite FugueActive ProgrammeClassical 
1344Fanfare for Aston HallActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1345Nearer my God to TheeActive ProgrammeReligious 
1346FarewellActive Programme  
1347SlaneActive ProgrammeReligious 
1348Metropolis 1927Active Programme  
1349Two Imps / SparksActive ProgrammeDuet - Xylophone 
135Bell A'PealActive Programme  
1350LullabyActive ProgrammeDuet - Euphonium 
1351The sun has got his hat onActive ProgrammeEB Bass Solo 
1352Suite GothiqueIn LibraryClassical 
1353The Rose of KelvingroveActive ProgrammeTraditional 
1354King of KingsActive ProgrammeFilm 
1355StonygateActive ProgrammeDrum Corps 
1356PantomimeActive ProgrammeEuph Solo
1357Gael ForceIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1358Lord for the YearsActive ProgrammeHymn 
1359Brass TriumphantActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
136Ritual Fire DanceActive Programme  
1360Cry of the MountainActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1361SkyfallActive ProgrammeFilm 
1362MeisoIn LibraryDuet horn/Barior or Flugel/horn 
1363Joy, Peace & HappinessActive ProgrammeReligious 
1364concerto for Two TrumpetsActive ProgrammeDuet 
1365Les Chariots De FeuActive ProgrammeBaritone Solo 
1366USPE FanfareActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1367Cloak and DaggerActive Programme  
1368FantasyActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1369Bass caseActive Programme  
137Sullivan Fantasy (A)Active Programme  
1370DelilahActive ProgrammePop 
1371God save the Queen Active Programme  
1372Guide me O thou Great JehovahActive ProgrammeHymn 
1373How great thou artActive ProgrammeHymn 
1374To God be the GloryActive ProgrammeHymn 
1375Come on EileenActive Programme  
1376Blessed AssuranceActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1377Ceremonial FanfareActive Programme  
1378Fire in the BloodIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1379Jason & the Argonauts - PreludeActive Programme  
138CarouselActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1380Mr BlueskyActive ProgrammePop 
1381Over the RainbowActive ProgrammePop 
1382Paint It BlackActive ProgrammePop 
1383Spider-manActive ProgrammeFilm 
1384SupergirlActive ProgrammeFilm 
1385Wild Mountain Thyme (will you go lassie go)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1386Erin ShoreActive Programme  
1387National Anthem of MaltaActive Programme  
1388DemelzaIn LibraryTenor Horn Solo 
1389March (from Suite for variety orchestra no 1)Active Programme  
139Singalong No. 1Active Programme  
1390Surround SoundActive Programme  
1391Extreme Make-overActive Programme  
1392War on the Big ScreenIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1393Stinkin' GarbageActive ProgrammeDrum Corps 
1394Bat out of HellActive Programmepop 
1395The Anvil of Crom from Conan the BarbarianActive ProgrammeFilm 
1396SupernovaActive Programme  
1397Torchbearer (The)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
1398Don't Stop Me NowActive ProgrammePop 
1399Fox Fanfare (The)Active ProgrammeFilm 
14Cossack (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
140Impresario (The)Active Programme  
1400Capriccio BrillanteActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1401Pie JesuActive ProgrammeReligious 
1402Yule DanceActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1403Let It Go (from Frozen)In Christmas PadChristmas 
1404La FiestaActive Programme  
1405To Worlds UnknownActive Programme  
1406Polar Express (concert suite)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1407Enigma FanfareActive Programme  
1408If all the World were mineActive Programme  
1409Santa Claus is comin' to town (trom trio)In Christmas PadChristmas 
141Elvira Madigan Theme (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
1410O Holy NightActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1411Pater Noster (our Father)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
1412Festive IntradaIn LibraryChristmas
reduced to march card size
1413Christmas "a la" Big BandActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1414100% ChristmasIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1415ChampionActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1416Monk's FanfareActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1417DistinctionActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1418fanfare from 'The Royal Firework Music'Active ProgrammeFanfare 
1419fanfareActive Programme  
142All Creatures Great And SmallActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1420fanfareActive Programme  
1421fanfareActive Programme  
1423fanfareActive Programme  
1424fanfareActive Programme  
1425Isaiah 40Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
1425JubilateActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1426Dear Lord and Father of mankind (hymn setting (4 of 5)Active ProgrammeReligious 
1426Intrada on 'a song of praise' (2 of 5)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1426Jubilate (shortened version)Active ProgrammeFanfare 
1426Praising (1 of 5)In Pads - Learning NowReligious 
1426Such Love (song arrangement) (3 of 5)Active ProgrammeReligious 
1426The lord is Gracious (song arrangement 5 of 5)Active ProgrammeReligious 
1427Nightingale DancesIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1427Valiant and BraveActive ProgrammeFanfare 
1428Where Eagles SingActive Programme  
1429When She loved me (from Toy Story 2)Active ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
143Way Out WestActive Programme  
1430The SwanActive ProgrammeEuph Solo
1431Brown Bird SingingActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1432Home of LegendsActive Programme  
1433Seize The DayIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1434Voyage to Worlds UnknownActive Programme  
1435Variations on a Welsh ThemeActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
1436Shine as the LightIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1437The Arrival Of the Queen of ShebaActive Programme10 Piece 
1438Clair De LuneActive Programme10 Piece 
1439Born on the Fourth of JulyActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
144EntertainmentsActive Programme  
1440Carnival Of the AnimalsActive Programme10 Piece 
1441Concerto for BrassActive Programme10 Piece 
1442MacArthur ParkIn Library10 Piece 
1443FantasmicActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1444Mendelssohn's Wedding MarchActive Programme10 Piece 
1445The Spirit WithinActive Programme  
1446Children of Sanchez (The)In LibraryHorn Solo 
1447Finale from the New World SynphonyIn Pads - Learning NowClassical 
1448Christian SoldiersActive Programme  
1449HanenActive Programme  
145Mancini MagicActive Programme  
1450In Krapfen's Wood PolkaActive Programme  
1451West EndActive Programme  
1452Pie JesuActive ProgrammeReligious 
1453LiszteriaActive ProgrammeXylophone Duet 
1454Tallis VariationsActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1455Got to Get You into my lifeIn LibraryPop 
1456Summon the HeroesIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1457Visions of KolkhisActive Programme  
1458Every time we say GoodbyeActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1459Essence of Time (The)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
146Marching With SousaActive ProgrammeMarch 
1460Wartime SketchbookIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1461Triumph of Time (The)Active ProgrammeTest Piece 
1462BlueActive Programme  
1463Bring me SunshineActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1464Cloudcatcher FellsActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1465Irish Tune from County DerryIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1466The Beauty of BlueActive ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
1467Blessed AssuranceActive Programme  
1468Rusalka's Song to the moonActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1469Ex Terra LucemActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
147Day Trip To BangorActive ProgrammePop 
1470RicercataActive Programme  
1471Sirba FloricacaActive Programme  
1472Finale from Symphony No 2Active Programme  
1473A Christmas FinaleIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1474RideIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1475For the FallenActive Programme  
1476Enter The GalaxiesActive Programme  
1477Firestorm Rhapsody for Brass BandActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1478It was a very good yearActive ProgrammeSolo 
1479Knights of CydoniaActive Programme  
148Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1480JustActive Programme  
1481Little HymnActive Programme  
1482Spirit of Brass (The)Active Programme  
1483Ubi CaritasActive Programme  
1484BrooklynActive Programme  
1485Feliz NavidadActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1486An Austrian CarolActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1487A Visit from St NicholasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1488Tuba CopperActive ProgrammeTuba Solo 
1489Lover of my SoulIn LibrarySoprano Solo 
149When Johnny Come Marching HomeActive ProgrammeMarch 
1490MacArthur ParkActive ProgrammePop 
1491God Only KnowsActive Programme  
1492Shark Theme from JAWSActive ProgrammeFilm 
1493StracathroActive Programme  
1494Away in a MangerActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
1495Jubilate DeoActive Programme  
1496Come Follow The BandActive Programme  
1497World's Greatest Storyteller (The)Active Programme  
1498Water of Tyne (The)In LibraryTraditional 
1499Euphonium ConcertoActive Programme  
151914 MarchIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
150Totam PoleActive Programme  
1500Alone with my ThoughtsIn LibraryBaritone Solo 
1501Memories of a Lost BoyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1502OccasionActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
1503Intrada JubilanteActive Programme  
1504Jingle all the WayActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1505Away in a MangerIn Christmas PadChristmas 
1506Nordic PolskaIn LibraryChristmas 
1507Baby Its Cold OutsideIn Christmas PadFlugel/Trombone Duet
1508God Rest Ye Merry Cha Cha MenActive ProgrammeChristmas 
1509It's The most wonderful Time of the YearIn Christmas PadCornet Feature 
151County PalatineActive Programme  
1510In The Bleak MidwinterIn Christmas PadHorn Solo
1511When A Child Is BornActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
1514Christmas ClassicsAwaiting Library EntryChristmas 
1515Sabre DanceIn Library10 Piece 
1516Double Trumpet ConcertoIn Library10 Piece 
1517My first My Last My EverythingIn Library10 Piece 
1518Danny BoyIn Library10 Piece 
1519Star WarsIn Library10 PieceSat, 16 Oct 2021
152My Fair Lady SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
1520Always Look on the Bright Side of LifeIn Library10 Piece 
1521Double Trio - Joyous CarrillonIn Christmas PadCornet Feature
Feature - Trombone
1522Amazing GraceIn LibraryDuet - Euphonium
Feature - Bass
1524Largo Al FactotumIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
EB Bass Solo
C Major 
1528Feed the BirdsIn LibrarySolo
Soprano Solo
1529Procession to covenantIn Pads - Learning NowReligious 
153Hogarth's Hoe DownActive Programme  
1530Four Seasons (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1532Song of HopeIn LibraryCornet Feature
Cornet Solo
Soprano Solo
Thu, 21 Apr 2022
1533Princess Leia's ThemeIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
1534OlympiadaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1535Hear the CallIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1536Gladiators' Farewell (The)In LibraryMarch 
1537Aristotle's AirIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1538Three LionsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1539Pure ImaginationIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
154Il SilenzioActive Programme  
1540Psycho - PreludeIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1541Star Wars - Main TitleIn LibraryFilm 
1542Viva La VidaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1543Elegy for Dunkirk ( From AtonementIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1544Alladale (Flugel/horn/baritone trio)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
Baritone Solo
Flugel Solo
Horn Solo
1545Hushaby MountainIn LibraryHorn Solo 
1546Ukranian National AnthemIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
Mon, 28 Feb 2022
1547Best of The Beatles (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
1548Star Wars - Main theme - from Star wars: A New HopeIn LibraryFilm 
1549Baby MineIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
155Send In The ClownsActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
1550Georgia On My MindIn LibraryHorn Solo
Soprano Solo
1551Liberty BellIn LibraryQuintet 
1552Highland CathedralIn LibraryQuintet 
1553Feeling GoodIn LibraryQuintet 
1554Dance of the Reed FlutesIn LibraryQuartet 
1555EventideIn LibraryFlugel Solo
1556Finale from Shostakovitch's Fifth SymphonyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1557The Old 100th Psalm TuneIn LibraryCeremonial 
1558Nokia FugueIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1559Voluntary on 'Old Hundredth'In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
156Oh Listen To The BandActive Programme  
1560Battle of the PlanetsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1561A Day in the Life of A KnightIn LibraryTest Piece 
1562Christmas MoodIn LibraryChristmas 
1563Good Swing WenceslasIn LibraryChristmas 
1564Parade of the Wooden SoldiersIn LibraryChristmas 
1565Abide with Me/National AnthemIn LibraryHymn 
1566Cry Me a RiverIn LibraryCornet Solo 
1567Songs of the Great WarIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1568THe WizardIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
1569Jean de FloretteIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
157Seventy Six TrombonesActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
1570Lake of TendernessIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1571James Bond CollectionIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
1572Nobody Does it BetterIn LibraryFilm 
1573Concert VariationsIn LibraryTrombone Solo 
1574Labour and LoveIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1575Don't Doubt Him NowIn LibraryCornet Solo 
1576On the Road to PasschendaeleIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1577A Je Vous Dirai MamanIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
1578Happy Birthday In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
158Sleepy ShoresActive Programme  
1580Little Drummer Boy (The)In Christmas PadChristmas 
1581Merry Christmas DarlingIn Christmas PadChristmasFri, 16 Dec 2022
1582Incredibles (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
Sun, 1 May 2022
159All In The April EveningActive Programme  
16High School Cadets (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
160Elizabethen SeranadeActive Programme  
1601Comedy TonightIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
Fri, 28 Apr 2023
161Tyrolean TubasActive ProgrammeFeature - Bass 
1613DelilahIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
reduced to march card size
1618Mame, Main Theme fromIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV
Banjo feature
Fri, 25 Aug 2023
162French Military MarchIn LibraryClassical 
1621Little Lord JesusIn LibraryEb solo
Soprano Solo
Thu, 23 Nov 2023
1622Sussex OvertureIn Christmas PadChristmasWed, 15 Nov 2023
1624Little DonkeyIn Christmas PadChristmasThu, 19 Oct 2023
1625California DreamingIn LibraryPop 
1626Who wants to live foreverIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV
Mon, 18 Sep 2023
1628My Lord has comeIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
Hymn Tune
Fri, 28 Apr 2023
163Concert PreludeActive Programme  
1630Phantom of the Opera OvertureIn LibraryMusicalThu, 27 Apr 2023
1631Trumpet Music (Stanley)In LibraryCornet SoloSun, 1 May 2022
164Cum BayaActive ProgrammeReligious 
165Gold And Silver WaltzActive ProgrammeClassical 
166Moonlight On The AlsterActive Programme  
167SolitaireIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
Cornet/Soprano Solo
168Air From Suite In DActive ProgrammeClassical 
169Fanfare No. 1Active ProgrammeCeremonial 
17Thin Red Line (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
170Entertainer (The)Active ProgrammePop 
171On Ilkla Moor BahT'atActive Programme  
172Slane / ThornburyActive ProgrammeReligious 
173Laughing Trombone (The)Active ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
174Legende De La Pusta (La)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
175Windmill Waltz (The)Active Programme  
176Comrades In ArmsActive Programme  
177Hungarian Dance (2 Pigeons)Active Programme  
178Andante Espressivo ( 'Irish' Symphony )Active Programme  
179Fiesta For TrumpetActive ProgrammeCornet/Soprano Solo 
18New Colonial March (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
180Londonderry AirActive Programme  
181Tunes And Toasts For All TimesIn LibraryCeremonial 
182Christmas SwingalongActive ProgrammeChristmas 
183When A Child Is BornActive ProgrammeChristmas 
184Christmas Overture (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
185PoemIn LibraryClassical
reduced to march card size
186Silent NightActive ProgrammeChristmas 
187Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerActive ProgrammeChristmas 
188Little Drummer Boy (The)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
189Little DonkeyActive ProgrammeChristmas 
19Imperial EchoesIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
190Christmas Piece (A)In Christmas PadChristmas 
191Mary's Boy ChildActive ProgrammeChristmas 
192SerenadeActive Programme  
193Rondo From The Fourth Horn ConcertoActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
194FeelingsActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
195ResurgamActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
196Journey Into FreedomIn LibraryTest Piece 
197Solemn MelodyActive Programme  
198Symphony Of MarchesIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
199Souveniers de France - A French FantasyActive Programme  
2Old ComradesIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
20TrafalgerIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
200Music From The Elizabethen CourtActive Programme  
201James Cook - CircumnavigatorActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
202John O' GauntActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
203Tournament For BrassActive ProgrammeTest Piece 
204SpectrumIn LibraryTest Piece 
205Spanish HarlequinActive Programme  
206SailingActive ProgrammePop 
207Trumpet Tune And AirActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
208Rule Britannia OvertureActive ProgrammeClassical 
209CongratulationsActive Programme  
21Officer of the DayIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
210Annie's SongActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
211Shepherd's Song (The)Active Programme  
212Dance Of The TumblersActive ProgrammeClassical 
213Amazing GraceActive ProgrammeReligious 
214Merry Widow Waltz (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
215CarambinaActive Programme  
216Alpine RumbaActive Programme  
217Chanson De MatinActive ProgrammeClassical 
218Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1Active ProgrammeClassical 
219Pomp And Circumstance March No. 4Active ProgrammeClassical 
22Marche LorraineIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
220Sousa On ParadeActive ProgrammeMarch 
221So Deep Is The NightActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
222Swinging Safari (A)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
223Taste Of Honey (A)Active Programme  
224ThundercrestActive ProgrammeMarch 
225Lohengrin - Introduction Act 3Active ProgrammeClassical 
226Salut D'AmourActive ProgrammeClassical 
227Fame And GloryActive Programme  
228Tannhauser Grand MarchActive ProgrammeClassical 
229KimActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
23Old PanamaIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
230Padstow Lifeboat (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
231Crown ImperialIn Pads - Learning NowClassical 
232SupermanIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
233TroublemakerIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
234Stranger On The ShoreActive ProgrammeCornet/Soprano Solo 
235Sweet And LowActive Programme  
236In Memorium, Last Post And ReveilleActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
237March Of The PeersActive Programme  
238Merry Widow - SelectionActive ProgrammeSelection 
239Pendine MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
24El AbanicoIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
240All Through The NightActive Programme  
241Paris Le SoirActive Programme  
242Twelfth Street RagActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
243Black Magic WomanActive Programme  
244When You're SmilingActive ProgrammePop 
245Christmas CrackersIn Christmas PadChristmas 
246Westminster Waltz (The)Active Programme  
247Nativity For BrassActive ProgrammeChristmas 
248Ding Dong Merrily On HighActive ProgrammeChristmas 
249We Wish You A Merry ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
25BrilliantIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
250Goodbye To LoveActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
251Glenn Miller SpecialActive ProgrammeSelection 
252Scarborough FairIn LibraryPop 
253Seven Brides For Seven BrothersActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
254Toccata And Fugue In D MinorActive ProgrammeClassical 
255Calamity Jane - SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
256Marching The BluesActive Programme  
257TromboogieActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
258El CumbancheroActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
259Mardi GrasActive Programme  
26President (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
260Il CrescendoIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
261MistyActive ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
262Pink Panther ThemeActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
263Evening Hymn And Last PostActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
264Headless Horseman (The)Active Programme  
265Dambusters March (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
266Lincolnshire Poacher (The)Active Programme  
267Men Of HarlechActive Programme  
268Savoy Christmas MedleyActive ProgrammeChristmas 
269Portuguese PartyActive Programme  
27Colonal BogeyIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
270Godfather (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
271High On A HillActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
272Take A Pair Of Sparkling EyesActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
273Barney's TuneActive Programme  
274Alpine EchoesActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
275Rhapsody For Trombone And Brass BandActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
276Cossack PatrolActive Programme  
277Entry Of The GladiatorsActive ProgrammeClassical 
278Lara's ThemeIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
279Last Of The Summer WineActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
28DiunedinIn LibraryMarch 
280My Love Is Like A Red Red RoseIn LibraryCornet Solo 
281South PacificActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
282Barber Of Saville (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
283La BambaActive ProgrammePop 
284Vocal ArrangementsActive Programme  
285PatienceActive Programme  
286L'Italiana In AlgeriaActive ProgrammeClassical 
287Christmas SpiritActive ProgrammeChristmas 
288Rhapsody For Eb SopranoActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
289NapoliActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
29El CapitanIn LibraryMarch 
290Spanish EyesActive ProgrammeCornet/Soprano Solo 
291Washington D.C.Active Programme  
292BolivarActive Programme  
293Cossack Ride And Slavonick DanceActive Programme  
294Clair De LuneActive ProgrammeClassical 
295Trumpet EclairActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
296Epic ThemeActive Programme  
297WalkaboutActive Programme  
298KalinkaActive Programme  
299Sky TrainActive Programme  
3King CottonIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
30Le Reve PasseIn LibraryMarch 
300BrassboundActive Programme  
301HijackActive Programme  
302JubilantActive Programme  
303MemoriesActive ProgrammePop 
304Latin SerenadeActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
305Do You Know The Way To San Jose?Active ProgrammePop 
306Tijuana BrassActive Programme  
307Tijuana HolidayActive Programme  
308Trumpeter's Lullaby (A)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
309TrailblazeActive Programme  
31Stars and Stripes Forever (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
310March PreludeActive Programme  
311Sweet Gingerbread ManActive Programme  
312Londonderry Air (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
313MusicIn LibraryPop 
314Jesus Christ SuperstarActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
315Jeanie With The Light Brown HairActive Programme  
316EvergreenIn Library10 Piece
Cornet/Horn Solo
317Summer Knows (The)Active Programme  
318By The Time I Get To PhoenixActive ProgrammeCornet/Horn Solo 
319Finale From FaustActive ProgrammeClassical 
32Thunderer (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
320Opening NumberActive Programme  
321Blue InterludeActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
322Solo NumberActive Programme  
323Varied MoodActive Programme  
324To A Wild RoseActive Programme  
325Watching The WheatActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
326Can You Read My MindActive Programme  
327TroikaActive ProgrammeClassical 
328Night On A Bare Mountain (A)Active ProgrammeClassical 
329CapriceActive Programme  
33Washington GraysActive ProgrammeMarch 
330Serenade In MamboActive Programme  
331Simple GiftsActive Programme  
332On With The MotleyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
333Laughter In The RainActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
334Best Foot ForwardActive Programme  
335Nun's ChorusActive ProgrammeCornet/Soprano Solo 
336SummertimeActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
337Adagio Of Spartacus And PhrygiaActive ProgrammeClassical 
338Downland Suite (A)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
339Lark In The Clear Air (The)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
34With Sword and LanceActive ProgrammeMarch 
340Toy - Town TrumpetersActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
341Dance HongroiseIn LibraryClassical 
342Chanson Indoue (Song Of India)Active ProgrammeHorn/Soprano Solo 
343PavaneActive ProgrammeClassical 
344Caliph Of Bagdad (The)Active Programme  
345Academic Festival OvertureActive Programme  
346Star DustActive Programme  
347TancrediActive ProgrammeClassical 
348Plantagenets (The)Active Programme  
349Force Of Destiny (The)Active Programme  
35R.A.F.March PastActive ProgrammeMarch 
350Capriccio ItalienActive ProgrammeClassical 
351Irish Washerwoman (The)Active Programme  
352Bugler's HolidayIn LibraryCornet Feature 
353In CelebrationActive Programme  
354Procession Of The NoblesIn LibraryClassical 
355Jingle BellsIn Christmas PadChristmas 
356Arise O Sun (Choir)Active Programme  
357Pilgrims ChorusActive ProgrammeClassical 
358Melodies Of Burt BacharachActive ProgrammeSelection 
359Frolic For TrombonesActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
36Out of the BlueActive ProgrammeMarch 
360West Country Fantasy (A)Active Programme  
361Hymn BooksActive ProgrammeReligious 
362MyfanwyActive ProgrammeClassical 
362Y Deryn Pur (The Gentle Bird)Active Programme  
363City CruiserActive Programme  
364Foxtrot Between Friends (A)Active Programme  
365Blades Of ToledoActive Programme  
366Fanfare For A FestivalActive Programme  
367Fantastic FanfareActive Programme  
368Funiculi - FuniculaActive ProgrammeClassical 
369Memory (Theme From Cats)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
37PunchinelloActive ProgrammeMarch 
370Holiday For StringsActive Programme  
371SamumActive Programme  
372I Don't Know How To Love HimActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
373Frogs Chorus (We All Stand Together)Active ProgrammePop 
374Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (Those)Active ProgrammePop 
375Girl I Left Behind Me (The)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
376Love Theme (From 'Thornbirds')Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
377Songs Of The QuayActive Programme  
378Black And White Minstrels No. 1 (The)Active Programme  
379Black And White Minstrels No. 2 (The)Active Programme  
38Knight TemplarActive ProgrammeMarch 
380EastendersActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
381Girl With The Flaxen Hair (The)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
382Fantasy On British Sea SongsActive ProgrammeClassical 
383All I Ask Of YouActive Programme  
384Bass In The BallroomIn LibrarySolo - Bass 
385Only LoveActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
386Light CavalryIn LibraryMarch 
387BarbieActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
388European (The)Active Programme  
389Hey JudeActive ProgrammePop 
39Light of FootActive ProgrammeMarch 
390One VoiceIn LibraryPop 
391Thunder And Lightning PolkaActive ProgrammeClassical 
392Stage CentreActive Programme  
393Latin SerenadeActive Programme  
394Sweet And LowActive Programme  
395ReflectionsActive Programme  
396Quiet NumberActive Programme  
397Sylvia BalletActive ProgrammeClassical 
398La VerbernaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
399I Vow To Thee My CountryIn LibraryReligious 
4Libert Bell (The)In LibraryMarch 
40Manhattan BeachActive ProgrammeMarch 
400Best Of British (The)Active Programme  
401SimoraineActive Programme  
402Britannia Rules 'O.K.'In LibraryGeneral Repertoire
10 Piece
403Round The Camp FireActive Programme  
404Playa Del RayActive Programme  
405Eine Kleine Oompah MusikActive Programme  
406Bohemian RhapsodyIn LibraryPop 
407Donau - WellenActive Programme  
408Dear Lord And Father Of MankindActive ProgrammeReligious 
409Sobre Les AlosActive Programme  
41MephistophelesActive ProgrammeMarch 
410Merry Christmas EverybodyActive ProgrammeChristmas 
411Old Brigade (The)Active ProgrammeSelection 
412Minuet And Galop (Orpheus In The Underwold)Active ProgrammeClassical 
413Beatles Medley No. 1Active ProgrammePop 
414Old Father ThamesActive Programme  
415Maybe It's Because I'm A LondonerActive ProgrammePop 
416Morte ChristieActive Programme  
417In My Liverpool HomeActive Programme  
418White Cliffs Of Dover (The)Active ProgrammePop 
419SinfoniettaActive Programme  
42SenatorActive ProgrammeMarch 
420PastoraleActive Programme  
421I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
422GymnopedieActive ProgrammeClassical 
423Cagney And LaceyActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
424Clog DanceIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
425A Team (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
426Hot ToddyActive Programme  
427Indian SummerActive Programme  
428Whiter Shade Of Pale (A)Active ProgrammePop 
429Softly Sounds The Little BellActive Programme  
43West Riding (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
430Skimbleshanks : The Railway CatActive Programme  
431Music Of The NightActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
432Think Of MeActive Programme  
433Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainActive Programme  
434Polovtsian DancesActive ProgrammeClassical 
435HinemoaActive Programme  
436Scenes From A ComedyActive Programme  
437ClayhangerActive Programme  
438Fanfare And Ceremonial PreludeActive Programme  
439JerusalemIn LibraryClassical 
44CentaurActive ProgrammeMarch 
440Rhapsody In BlueActive ProgrammeClassical 
441Indiana Jones And The Temple Of DoomIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
442IfActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
443Farandole (From L'Arlesienne)In LibraryClassical 
444Gershwin For BrassActive Programme  
445Fanfare And SoliloquyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
446Rhapsody In BrassActive Programme  
447North-West PassageActive Programme  
448Severn Suite (The) (Opus 87)Active Programme  
449Spring (Elegiac Melody No. 2)Active ProgrammeClassical 
45Coldstream March (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
450Night Flight To MadridActive Programme  
451Caribbean Cameo (A)Active Programme  
452Amparito RocaActive Programme  
453MacArthur ParkActive Programme  
454WhirlygigActive Programme  
455SupermanIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
456TambourinActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
457Tritsch-Tratsch PolkaActive ProgrammeClassical 
458We've Only Just BegunActive ProgrammePop 
459Watermill (The)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
46Sussex by the SeaActive ProgrammeMarch 
460Duet For Two CatsActive ProgrammeClassical 
461Yeoman Of The Guard (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
462Marche MilitaireActive ProgrammeClassical 
463Cops And RobbersActive Programme  
464Circus GalopActive Programme  
465Cornets A Go-GoActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
466Aranjuez Mon AmourActive ProgrammeClassical 
467Aces High (Luftwaffe March)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
468Alice In WonderlandActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
469Meditation From 'Thais'Active ProgrammeClassical 
47HolyroodActive ProgrammeMarch 
470La DanzaActive ProgrammeClassical 
471KenilworthIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
472Typewriter (The)Active Programme  
473Music For A FestivalActive Programme  
474Rhapsody In BlueActive ProgrammeClassical 
475Les ZephyrsActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
476Morning , Noon And NightActive Programme  
477Angel In BlueActive Programme  
478Dover Coach (The)Active Programme  
479Fee Des Eaux (Fairies Of The Waters)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
48Bridge Too Far (A)Active ProgrammeMarch 
480Procession To The MinsterActive ProgrammeClassical 
481Suite For BrassActive Programme  
482Chal Romano (Gypsy Lad)Active Programme  
483Crazy Music In The AirActive Programme  
484Love's Enchantment ValseActive Programme  
485Jubilee OvertureIn Pads - Learning NowCeremonial
486Christmas Song (The)In Christmas PadChristmas 
487Romance (From 'The Gadfly')Active ProgrammeClassical 
488Christmas Festival (A)In Christmas PadChristmas 
489O Holy NightIn Christmas PadChristmas 
49ArnhemIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
490Sleigh RideIn Christmas PadChristmas 
491Merry Christmas (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
492Pie JesuActive ProgrammeReligious 
493OklahomaActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
494Le CidActive ProgrammeClassical 
495Triumphant RhapsodyActive Programme  
496PageantryActive Programme  
497Romance (From 'The Fair Maid of Perth')Active ProgrammeClassical 
498ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
499Valdres MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
5Army of the NileIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
50Cornish CavalierActive ProgrammeMarch 
500Beer Barrel PolkaActive ProgrammeFeature - Percussion 
501Copa CobanaActive ProgrammePop 
502Stripper (The)Active Programme  
503Gopak (Russian Dance)Active ProgrammeClassical 
504Acrobat (The)Active ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
505Le Roi D'Ys (The King Of Y'S)In LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
506High Command MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
507Born FreeActive Programme  
508Choral And Rock-OutActive Programme  
509Lord Of The DanceActive ProgrammeReligious 
51Cup FinalActive ProgrammeMarch 
510Procession Of The SirdarIn LibraryClassical 
511Te Deum PreludeActive ProgrammeClassical 
512Way We Were (The)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
513Best Of British (The)Active Programme  
514Samba GitanaActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
515Blackfriars-Symphonic preludeActive Programme  
516English Folk Song SuiteActive Programme  
517ContrastenActive Programme  
518Love Changes EverythingActive ProgrammePop 
519Facets Of GlassActive Programme  
52GlemdeneActive ProgrammeMarch 
520FinlandiaActive ProgrammeClassical 
521Cwm RhonndaIn LibraryReligious 
522Streets Of LondonActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
523HootenannyActive Programme  
524Instant ConcertActive Programme  
525Tenor Trombone RagActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
526For our Eyes OnlyActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
527EscapadaActive Programme  
528DivertimentoActive Programme  
529Disney Fantasy (A)In LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
53Radetzky MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
530Pie JesuActive ProgrammeReligious 
531Appalachian Mountain Folk Song SuiteActive Programme  
532Mr. Lear's CarnivalActive Programme  
533PoemeActive ProgrammeClassical 
534Twelve Days Of Christmas (The)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
535Two Canadian Christmas CarolsActive ProgrammeChristmas 
536Three Kings SwingActive ProgrammeChristmas 
537Amazing GraceIn LibraryReligious 
538March - Opus 99Active ProgrammeClassical 
539Skye Boat Song (The)Active Programme  
54BramwynActive ProgrammeMarch 
540Morgenblatter (Morning Papers)Active ProgrammeClassical 
541Romance (De L'Amour)Active Programme  
542Fiesta For TrumpetActive ProgrammeCornet/Soprano Solo 
543Schneewalzer (Snow-Waltz)In Christmas PadChristmas 
544AlfieActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
545Lazy Bones BlueActive Programme  
546Olympic Fanfare And ThemeActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
547Battle Hymn Of The Republic (The)Active Programme  
548Oliver SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
549William Tell OvertureActive ProgrammeClassical 
55Justice With CourageIn LibraryMarch 
550Mack And MabelActive Programme  
551Montagues And CapuletsActive ProgrammeClassical 
552Morning (From Peer Gynt Suite)Active ProgrammeClassical 
553Bohemian GirlActive Programme  
554Jamie's PatrolActive Programme  
555America Marches SelectionActive ProgrammeSelection 
556Caribbean ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
557Christmas RosesActive ProgrammeChristmas 
558Chelsea BridgeActive Programme  
559Fanfare, Romance And FinaleActive Programme  
56Blaze AwayActive ProgrammeMarch 
560Country SceneIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
561Blue Rondo Ala TurkIn LibraryClassical 
562Loch Lomond-Comin' Thro' The RyeActive Programme  
563Toccata In D MinorActive ProgrammeClassical 
564Jazz Me A WaltzActive Programme  
565Mood IndigoActive Programme  
566Summer NightActive Programme  
567Show Boat SelectionActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
568Simon And Garfunkel MelodiesActive ProgrammeSelection 
569New World FantasyActive ProgrammeClassical 
57Knightsbridge MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
570NabucodonosorActive ProgrammeClassical 
571Mull Of KintyreActive ProgrammePop 
572BacchanaleIn LibraryClassical 
573La Reine De SabaActive ProgrammeClassical 
574Entry Of The HuntressesActive ProgrammeClassical 
575Capriccio EspagnolActive ProgrammeClassical 
576Girl With The Flaxen Hair (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
577Bobby ShaftoeActive Programme  
578Blue TangoActive Programme  
579Military PolonaiseActive ProgrammeClassical 
58SlaidburnActive ProgrammeMarch 
580Jaunting Car (The)Active Programme  
581Heads You WinActive Programme  
582Great Gate Of Kiev (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
583Britannia Rules 'O.K.'Active Programme  
584Trouble With The Tuba Is (The)Active ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
585God Save The Queen And FanfareActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
586Prelude And CapriccioActive Programme  
587Florentiner MarchIn LibraryMarch 
588Vivat reginaActive ProgrammeClassical 
589Barwick GreenActive Programme  
59Home AgainActive ProgrammeMarch 
590Le Domino NoirActive Programme  
591FackeltanzActive Programme  
592Tara's ThemeActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
593Cortege From MladaIn LibraryClassical 
594Flourish For A BirthdayActive Programme  
595Fascinating Drums / Pavane in BlueActive ProgrammeFeature - Percussion 
596Rhapsody For Trombone And Brass BandActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
597Sandon And The Last PostActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
598JerusalemActive ProgrammeClassical 
599Mr. JumsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
6Semper FidelisIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
60Blue DevilsActive ProgrammeMarch 
600Entrance Of The Queen Of ShebaActive ProgrammeClassical 
601Mendelssohn's Wedding MarchActive ProgrammeClassical 
602Dance Of The Russian SailorsActive Programme  
603Pie JesuActive ProgrammeReligious 
604Berceuse De Jocelyn (Angels Guard Thee)Active Programme  
605Flying Scot (The)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
606Recollections of MendelssohnActive ProgrammeSelection 
607Panis AngelicusActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
608Lucy LongActive Programme  
609GranadaActive Programme  
61Wellington MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
610PandoraActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
611Nights In White SatinActive ProgrammePop 
612CleopatraActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
613Aspects Of Andrew Lloyd-WebberActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
614Christmas TriptychActive ProgrammeChristmas 
615PoincianaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
616Trumpet Blues And CantabileIn LibraryCornet Feature 
617TriptychIn LibraryTest PieceThu, 1 Feb 2024
618Someone To Watch Over MeActive ProgrammeReligious 
619Scarecrow And Mrs. KingActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
62H.M. JolliesActive ProgrammeMarch 
620SerenadeActive Programme  
621Softly As I Leave YouActive Programme  
622Christmas Rhapsody (A)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
623Instant ChristmasActive ProgrammeChristmas 
624Ballycastle BayActive Programme  
625Derby DayActive Programme  
626CelebrationActive Programme  
627Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2Active Programme  
628He Ain't Heavy - He's My BrotherActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
629Battle Hymn Of The RepublicActive Programme  
63Contest DayActive ProgrammeMarch 
630Concert Suite (A)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
631Catari, CatariActive Programme  
632Prelude For Hampstead HeathActive Programme  
633Don't It Make My Brown Eyes BlueIn LibraryPop 
634Mountain SongActive Programme  
635Blue And Gray (The)Active Programme  
636Strike Up The BandActive Programme  
637San MiguelActive Programme  
638VariationsActive Programme  
639RhythmActive Programme  
64Death or GloryActive ProgrammeMarch 
640Song Of The SeashoreActive Programme  
641Adventures In BrassIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
642Festival PreludeActive Programme  
643Variations In BlueActive Programme  
644Hot ClassicsActive Programme  
645Blenheim FlourishesActive Programme  
646PaperchaseActive Programme  
647Epic Symphony (An)Active Programme  
648Argentine Melody (Full size & Reduced)Active Programme  
649Anything But LonelyActive Programme  
65British Legion (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
650Music Of George Gershwin (The)Active ProgrammeSelection 
651Fanfare For A Jolly Good FellowActive Programme  
652Scots, Wha HaeActive Programme  
653Two Ceremonial FanfaresActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
654Manha De CarnivalActive Programme  
655Batman The MovieActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
656Manhattan SkylineActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
657Prelude 49th ParallelIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
658Young Amadeus (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
659FestivoActive Programme  
66Military EscortActive ProgrammeMarch 
660FreewayActive Programme  
661Mancunian WayActive Programme  
662Cavalry Of The SteppesActive Programme  
663Orient ExpressActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
664One Moment In TimeActive ProgrammePop 
665Falling (From Twin Peaks)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
666Especially For YouActive ProgrammePop 
667Boy From Menaem (The)Active Programme  
668SpringtimeActive Programme  
669Take My Breath AwayActive ProgrammePop 
67Mars Der MediciActive ProgrammeMarch 
670Final Countdown (The)Active ProgrammePop 
671DimensionsActive Programme  
672Investiture Antiphonal FanfaresActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
673Green SleevesActive Programme  
674Nessun DormaActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
675Winter (From The Four Seasons)Active ProgrammeClassical 
676Strike Up The BandActive ProgrammeClassical 
677Hey JudeIn LibraryPop 
678Puttin' On The RitzActive ProgrammePop 
679Pastime With Good Company (Henry viii)Active Programme  
68Radetsky MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
680Overture Solonelle (1812 Overture)Active ProgrammeClassical 
681March (From Pines of Rome)Active ProgrammeClassical 
682Midwest MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
683Rule BrittaniaActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
684Deep Inside The Sacred Temple (Pearl Fishers Duet)In LibraryClassical 
685Perhaps LoveActive Programme  
686Swanee Humoresque (A)Active Programme  
687Wind Beneath My Wings (The)Active ProgrammePop 
688Watch Your StepActive Programme  
689Pavane for a Dead PrincessActive ProgrammeClassical 
69Begone Dull Care - Regimental March of the Royal Corps of SignalsActive ProgrammeMarch 
690St. Pauls SuiteActive ProgrammeClassical 
691SummertimeActive ProgrammePop 
692Trumpets on DutyActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
693Welsh Cameo (A)Active Programme  
694Jericho (Re-Visited)Active ProgrammeReligious 
695Santa Claus is Comin' to TownActive ProgrammeChristmas 
696I Wish It Could Be Christmas EverydayIn Christmas PadChristmas 
698Let Us Go To Bethlehem (Transeamus)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
699Steal AwayActive ProgrammeReligious 
7Great Little Army (The)In LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
70B.Y.B.A. March - FreizeitActive ProgrammeMarch 
700Jingle BellsActive ProgrammeChristmas 
701Bach, The Herald Angels SwingActive ProgrammeChristmas 
702Le Cor Vole (The Stolen Horn)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
703Winter's Tale (A)Active ProgrammeCornet/Flugel solo 
704Light as AirActive Programme  
705Rocky (Concert Suite)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
706Best of Bond (The)In LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
707Adagio (From Concierto de Aranjuez)In LibraryFlugel Solo 
708Autumn LeavesActive Programme  
709Angel Gabriel Carol (The)Active ProgrammeChristmas 
71British Grenadiers Slow March ScipioActive ProgrammeMarch 
710Celebrations (Hymn)Active ProgrammeReligious 
711SinfoniettaActive Programme  
712Saddleworth Festival Overture (A)Active Programme  
713Keel Row (The)Active Programme  
714Sweet Sheperdess (A)Active Programme  
715Gymnopedie No. 1Active ProgrammeClassical 
716Cushy ButterfieldActive Programme  
717Merry Wives Of Windsor (The)Active Programme  
718Ruby TuesdayIn LibraryPop 
719Music of the NightActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
72Land of Hope and GloryActive ProgrammeMarch 
720Ther is a Green Hill Far AwayActive ProgrammeHymn Tune 
721Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (A)Active ProgrammePop 
722Duo For EuphoniumsActive ProgrammeDuet - Euphonium 
723How Great Though ArtActive ProgrammeHymn Tune 
724Lady In RedActive ProgrammePop 
725Tuesday BluesActive Programme  
726Ain't Misbehavin'Active Programme  
727LlanfairActive ProgrammeHymn Tune 
728Two Little Boy'sActive ProgrammePop 
729Miller MagicActive ProgrammeSelection 
73Boys of the Old Brigade (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
730BoleroActive ProgrammeClassical 
731EssayActive Programme  
732Rock Music 111Active Programme  
733Devils Tongue (The)Active Programme  
734Summer AriaActive ProgrammeClassical 
735Buster Strikes BackActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
736Power Of Love (The)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
737One Day In Your LifeActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
738Stop The CavalryIn Christmas PadChristmas 
739Do They Know It's Christmas?In Christmas PadChristmas 
74ZeebruggeActive ProgrammeMarch 
740Frosty the SnowmanActive ProgrammeChristmas 
741Jurassic ParkActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
742Salford Sinfonietta (A)Active Programme  
743Georgia On My MindActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
744Carnival CocktailActive Programme  
745Way We Were (The)Active Programme  
746Trompeten EchoActive ProgrammeCornet Feature 
747O FortunaActive ProgrammeClassical 
748Hunters MoonActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
749Henry the FifthActive ProgrammeClassical 
75Sambre et MeuseActive ProgrammeMarch 
750Summer AriaActive ProgrammeClassical 
751Thunderbirds (Full Size & Reduced)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
752Over The RainbowActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
753Under the Double EagleActive ProgrammeMarch 
754Quality PlusActive Programme  
755Post Horn GallopIn LibraryCornet Solo 
756Li'l Darlin'Active Programme  
757Mistletoe and WineIn Christmas PadChristmas 
758Excerpts from 'The Firebird'Active ProgrammeClassical 
759I Wish You LoveActive Programme  
76RavenswoodActive ProgrammeMarch 
760Blue Bells of ScotlandActive Programme  
761Serenade for TromboneActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
762Stars and Stripes ForeverActive ProgrammeMarch 
763Summer Knows (The)Active ProgrammeHorn Solo 
764In A Sentimental MoodActive Programme  
765Thoughts of LoveActive Programme  
766Impromptu for BassActive ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
767Keep Smiling Through!Active ProgrammeSelection 
768Ash Grove (The)Active Programme  
769Shield of LibertyActive ProgrammeMarch 
77Normandy VeteransActive ProgrammeMarch 
770Scarborough FairActive ProgrammePop 
771MistyActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
772Frogs (Of Aristophanes) (The)Active Programme  
773Queen Of The Nights AriaIn LibrarySoprano Solo 
774Imperial March (From Empire Strikes Back)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
775Fantasia on British Sea SongsActive ProgrammeClassical 
776Pioneers MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
777Libson CarnivalActive Programme  
778Girl I Left Behind Me (The)Active Programme  
779Radetsky MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
78Marching OnwardActive ProgrammeMarch 
780Jaguar (The)Active Programme  
781Beethoven's BeanoActive Programme  
782CzardasActive ProgrammeClassical 
783Love's Old Sweet SongActive Programme  
784Brass MiniaturesActive Programme  
785Nellie's NutcrackerActive ProgrammeClassical 
786Imperial MarchActive ProgrammeClassical 
787River City SeranadeActive Programme  
788Jupiter from The PlanetsActive ProgrammeClassical 
789Music from the 16th CenturyActive Programme  
79Roll Away BetActive ProgrammeMarch 
790Mango WalkActive Programme  
791VocaliseActive ProgrammeClassical 
792Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Song)Active Programme  
793Air - From Suite No.3Active ProgrammeClassical 
794SummertimeActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
795MasqueradeActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
796TritticoIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
797Jewel in the Crown (March from)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
798Centenary MarchIn LibraryMarch 
799Mattheson's AirActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
8Sons of the BraveIn LibraryMarch
reduced to march card size
80Contestor (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
800My Soul, There Is A CountryActive ProgrammeReligious 
801Pineapple PollActive Programme  
802Parade for Brass BandActive Programme  
803Cossack DanceActive ProgrammeClassical 
804Prelude to ComedyActive Programme  
805Elergy and RondoActive ProgrammeQuartet 
806Alla BurlescaActive ProgrammeQuartet 
807Fancys KnellActive Programme  
808CapriccioActive Programme  
809Rococo VariationsActive ProgrammeClassical 
81Westward Ho!Active ProgrammeMarch 
810Finale From The Violin ConcertoIn LibraryHorn Solo 
811Rutland WaterActive Programme  
812Trumpet VoluntaryActive ProgrammeClassical 
813Sing HosannaActive ProgrammeReligious 
814Festive OvertureActive ProgrammeClassical 
815Nightingale (The)Active ProgrammeCornet Solo 
816Fantasia on 'Tico 'TicoActive ProgrammeClassical 
817Puttin' On The RitzActive ProgrammePop 
818Carnival Of the AnimalsActive ProgrammeClassical 
819Funeral MarchActive ProgrammeClassical 
82Australasian (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
820CavatinaActive Programme  
821Coronation March (Le Prohete)Active ProgrammeClassical 
822Mars (Bringer of War)Active ProgrammeClassical 
823Old Chalet (The)Active Programme  
824Rumpelstiltskin's WaltzActive Programme  
825Great Escape (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
826GalaxiesActive Programme  
827MeisoActive Programme  
828Ragtime For HornsActive ProgrammeFeature - Horn 
829Northern RhapsodyActive Programme  
83General Mitchell MarchActive ProgrammeMarch 
830Marriage Contract (The)Active ProgrammeClassical 
831HatrickActive Programme  
832Capriccio BurlandoActive ProgrammeHorn Trio 
833Sun Has Got His Hat On (The)Active ProgrammeEB Bass Solo 
834TributeActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
835Blue JohnActive Programme  
836Grandfather's ClockActive ProgrammeEuph Solo 
837Perpertuum MobileActive ProgrammeClassical 
838Day Thou Gavest (The) and SunsetActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
839In Munchen Steht Ein HofbrauhausActive Programme  
84Torchbearers! (march)Active ProgrammeMarch 
840BierwalzerActive Programme  
841Bier HerActive Programme  
842Der Marsche Des KuckuckActive Programme  
843Muss I Denn, Muss I DennActive Programme  
844Beim KronenwirtActive Programme  
845Lang,Lang Ists HerActive Programme  
846Strudel Polka (The)Active Programme  
847London Overture (A)Active Programme  
848L. A. LawActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
849Grand March from AidaActive ProgrammeClassical 
850All Things Bright And BeautifulActive ProgrammeReligious 
851You Needed MeActive ProgrammeFlugel Solo 
852Jingle BellsActive ProgrammeChristmas 
853Johnny ToddActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
854Happy BirthdayActive Programme  
855National AnthemActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
856Four FanfaresActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
857Fanfares for Brass GroupsActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
858L'Orfeo (Toccata)Active ProgrammeClassical 
859Showboat (Fanfare)Active ProgrammeCeremonial 
860FanfareActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
861Fanfare No.1Active ProgrammeCeremonial 
862O Come All Ye FaithfulActive ProgrammeChristmas 
863Finale '90Active Programme  
864Land of Hope and GloryActive ProgrammeClassical 
865Amazing GraceActive ProgrammeReligious 
866Largo (From 'The New World Symphony)Active ProgrammeClassical 
867Handel for TrombonesActive ProgrammeFeature - Trombone 
868Excerpts from GounodActive ProgrammeQuartet 
869O HarmonyActive ProgrammeQuartet 
870EuryantheActive ProgrammeQuartet 
871ConcordiaActive ProgrammeQuartet 
872Minster (The)Active ProgrammeQuartet 
873Soldiers Chorus (From Faust)Active ProgrammeClassical 
874TantalusqualenActive ProgrammeClassical 
875Bohemian RhapsodyActive ProgrammePop 
876NYBBS (The)Active ProgrammeMarch 
877PasadenaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
878Fanfare PreludeActive Programme  
879Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square (A)Active ProgrammePop 
88A Fifth of BeethovenIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
880EvergreenActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
881HollywoodActive Programme  
882CrimondActive ProgrammeReligious 
883Skye Boat SongActive Programme  
884I Got RhythmActive ProgrammePop 
885Ticket To RideIn LibraryPop 
886Introduction and BurlesqueActive Programme  
887GuaglioneActive Programme  
888Bill BaileyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
889Television ShowcaseActive ProgrammeSelection 
89I Hear You Calling MeIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
890Three Kings SwingIn Christmas PadChristmas
reduced to march card size
891Eye of the TigerActive ProgrammePop 
892Elsa's Procession to the CathedralActive ProgrammeClassical 
893BekkieActive Programme  
894Big MacActive Programme  
895Cole Porter Medley (A)Active ProgrammeSelection 
896Early One MorningActive Programme  
897Fanfare For a New AgeActive Programme  
898Hetty Wainthropp InvestigatesActive ProgrammeCornet Solo 
899Knick-Knack Paddy-WacActive Programme  
9Middy (The)On March RingsMarch
reduced to march card size
900Let's Face The Music and DanceActive ProgrammePop 
901Robin Hood - Prince of ThievesActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
902Schindler's List (Theme From)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
903Wandrin' StarActive ProgrammeBass Trombone Solo 
904Opus OneActive ProgrammeClassical 
905Bring Him HomeActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
905Bring Him HomeActive ProgrammeSoprano Solo 
906HockActive ProgrammeEB Bass Solo 
907Star Trek - The Next GenerationActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
908Connotations (For Brass Band)In LibraryTest Piece 
909RiverdanceActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
910Circle of LifeActive ProgrammePop 
911ImagineActive ProgrammePop 
912Old MacDonald Had a BandActive Programme  
913Out Of Africa (Theme From)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
914I Write The SongsActive ProgrammePop 
915I've Had the Time Of My LifeActive ProgrammePop 
916Eriskay Love LiltActive Programme  
917Eve of the War (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
919Deep HarmonyActive ProgrammeReligious 
920New Buckenham SuiteActive Programme  
921LullabyActive Programme  
922PlaymatesActive Programme  
923Lambeth Walk (Fantasy)Active Programme  
924Time to Say GoodbyeActive ProgrammeClassical 
925All Through A Restless NightActive Programme  
926Do you here the people singActive ProgrammeMusical 
927Calling CornwallActive Programme  
928I Do It For You (Everything I Do)Active ProgrammePop 
929TributeActive Programme  
930It's Oh So QuietActive ProgrammePop 
931English CalipsoActive Programme  
932Rusky PercusskyActive ProgrammeFeature - Percussion 
933The heat is onActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
934Trap (The)Active ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
935NebulositiesActive Programme  
936Beeston Tor CastleActive Programme  
937Land of the Cyclops, TheActive Programme  
938And The Band Played OnActive Programme  
939Four Dances from 'The Nutcracker'Active ProgrammeClassical 
94La CaliffaIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
940I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
941Merry Christmas EverybodyActive ProgrammeChristmas 
942Old HundredthActive ProgrammeReligious 
943Mission ImpossibleIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
944Blue Danube WaltzActive ProgrammeClassical 
945Musket Fife and DrumIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
946Vicar of Dibley, TheIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
947Folks Who Live On the Hill, TheIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
948CuteActive Programme  
949Be My LoveActive Programme  
95Scarlet RibbonsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
950It's a Lovely Day TomorrowActive Programme  
951Memory from CatsIn LibraryCornet Solo
Eb solo
Soprano Solo
Thu, 20 Apr 2023
952Cry of the CeltsActive Programme  
953Rock Music IActive Programme  
954Il BacioActive Programme  
955There's No Business Like Show BusinessIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
956Misty EyesActive ProgrammeTrombone Solo 
957Fantasy for Brass BandActive Programme  
958March from 6th SymphonyActive ProgrammeClassical 
959Mexican Tuba Dance, TheActive ProgrammeSolo - Bass 
960MinuanoActive Programme  
961Culloden MoorActive Programme  
962Land of the Long White Cloud, TheActive Programme  
963Slaughter on 10th AvenueActive Programme  
964ToccataIn LibraryClassical 
965Task ForceActive Programme  
966Ave MariaActive ProgrammeClassical 
967Main StreetActive Programme  
968TintagelActive Programme  
969My Heart Will go OnActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
97LegacyIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
970Great is Thy FaithfulnessActive Programme  
971Kitten on the KeysActive ProgrammeFeature - Percussion 
972MaydayActive Programme  
973Sloop John BActive ProgrammePop 
974PanacheActive ProgrammeEuph Solo 
975Beneath the Willows (She Wept For Me)Active Programme  
976Twelve Days of ChristmasIn Christmas PadChristmas 
977PartitaActive Programme  
978MidwayIn LibraryFilm
979Year of the Dragon, TheActive Programme  
980Disney Spectacular, AIn LibraryFilm/Stage/TV 
981Rhapsody For EuphoniumIn LibraryEuph Solo 
982Fanfare for the Common ManActive ProgrammeClassical 
983SalamanderActive Programme  
984Share My Yolk & I'll Not Turn BackActive ProgrammeReligious 
985Grand Russian FantasiaActive Programme  
986Mafeking Heroes marchActive ProgrammeMarch 
987Variations on Laudate DominumActive ProgrammeReligious 
988Star WarsActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
989Cantebury ChoraleActive Programme  
99St Peter's ChoraleIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
990Satin DollActive Programme  
991Olympic Fanfare and ThemeActive ProgrammeCeremonial 
992His provisionActive ProgrammeReligious 
993GreensleevesActive ProgrammeHorn Solo 
994In the Hall of the Mountain KingActive ProgrammeClassical 
995Elsa's Procesion to the MinsterIn LibraryClassical 
996Coronation March (solonelle)Active ProgrammeClassical 
997Flintstones, Meet theActive ProgrammeFilm/Stage/TV 
998Florentine March, TheActive ProgrammeMarch 
999SchneewalzerActive ProgrammeChristmas 

Music Style: Up-tempo

Sheet Music Revision Title Status Music Category Key played in Made available
1579He'd Have To Get UnderIn LibraryFeature - Trombone
Trombone Trio
Thu, 21 Apr 2022
1629Living PowerIn LibraryGeneral RepertoireFri, 25 Aug 2023

Music Style: Other

Sheet Music Revision Title Status Music Category Key played in Made available
85Arctic FunkIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
86On Ilkley Moor Baht'atIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
87Nokia FugueIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire 
90Star Trek - GenerationsIn LibraryGeneral Repertoire
91Largo Al FactotumIn LibraryEb solo 
92Auld ReekieActive ProgrammeDrum Corps 
93Hora StaccatoIn LibraryCornet Solo 
96Part of Your WorldIn LibraryHorn Solo 
98Tribute to the BeatlesIn LibraryPop 

Music Style: Missing Score

Sheet Music Revision Title Status Music Category Key played in Made available
697OceansActive ProgrammeTest Piece