Past Performances

Concert in Ulley Country Park

Sun, 16 Jun 2024

Cutlers Feast Fanfares

Thu, 23 May 2024

A Resounding Success: The South Yorkshire Police Band at the 387th Cutlers’ Feast

It’s our absolute pleasure to recount the spectacular performance of the South Yorkshire Police Band Fanfare Team at the historic 387th Cutlers’ Feast. The evening was a symphony of tradition, excellence, and community spirit, encapsulated by the heraldic fanfares that resonated through the grandeur of Cutlers’ Hall.

The Fanfare Team’s Triumph

The South Yorkshire Police Band, a beacon of musical talent and dedication, showcased their prowess with the heraldic Smith Watkins trumpets, an instrument synonymous with regal occasions and significant events. The fanfare team’s performance was a masterful display of coordination and skill, as they welcomed VIPs with the majestic sounds of “Kingston” by Malcolm Arnold and “Dignified” by Arthur Bliss. These pieces, rich in heritage and complexity, were not merely music to the ears but a tribute to the legacy of the composers and the ceremonial significance of the event.

The Company of Cutlers: A Legacy Upheld

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, established by a Parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624, has been the voice of manufacturing in Sheffield & South Yorkshire for nearly four centuries2. This illustrious body has tirelessly worked to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield-manufactured cutlery and steel products, promoting the name of Sheffield as a hallmark of excellence.

Cutlers’ Hall: A Testament to Time

Cutlers’ Hall, the magnificent venue for the feast, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Company of Cutlers. The current hall, opened in 1832, is the third on this historic site and has been a Grade II* listed building since 1973. Its architecture, a blend of tradition and innovation, provided the perfect backdrop for an event that celebrated the past while looking firmly towards the future.

In Conclusion

The 387th Cutlers’ Feast was not just an event; it was a celebration of manufacturing history, craftsmanship, and community. The South Yorkshire Police Band Fanfare Team’s performance was the jewel in the crown of an evening that will be remembered for years to come.

Visit our website at to relive the magic of the evening and to learn more about the band’s upcoming performances and initiatives.

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The South Yorkshire Police Band and the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire are proud to have been part of an event that not only celebrated the rich history of our region but also showcased the talent and dedication of our local musicians. We look forward to many more years of partnership and performance. Thank you for your continued support.

2024 Yorkshire Brass Band Championships

Sat, 2 Mar 2024


What a glorious day for the South Yorkshire Police Band! They have emerged victorious in the Yorkshire Area 2nd Section Brass Band Finals, putting on an awe-inspiring performance of Philip Sparke's "Triptych". It was more than just a performance; it was a musical journey that struck a chord with the audience and left a lasting impression.

The judges were left in no doubt as to the band's mastery of Sparke's challenging piece, noting their "unified sound and dynamic flair." The band tackled the piece's complexities with finesse and an unwavering passion for music, leaving the judges and the audience spellbound.

"Triptych" is a three-part musical journey, and here's a breakdown of each:

1. **Pageant**: A medieval festival full of life and colour. The opening fanfare built up to a grand, layered sound that set the stage for what was to come.

2. **Fantasy on One Note**: A reflective, almost spiritual experience where a single note, a concert 'F', stays constant while harmonies shift around it. The band's performance made the note heard loud and clear amidst the beautiful changes.

3. **Festival**: A musical celebration where everyone was invited. The band's infectious energy and rhythm had us bopping along.

The band's soprano cornet soloist won the 'Best Soloist' title.

Let's not forget the star of the show – the band's soprano cornet soloist, who snagged the 'Best Soloist' title. Their solos were sheer poetry, and they played with such emotion that you couldn't help but be moved.

With this win, the band will compete in the National Championships in Cheltenham. We can't wait to see what they do next. Here's to making every note count!

Adjudicators Remarks

Yorkshire Regional Brass Band Committee
Yorkshire Regional Championships
2nd Section  (ORDER OF PLAY)


A confident start with crisp articulated playing. The detail is noted with parts linking across the band well.
Not always secure on bar line, and some rushing within the beats causing issues. Generally secure in balances, allowing lead lines to be heard.

II (two)

Transition into II is well managed with secure intonation.
Soloists are confident and play with shape.
Playing is controlled and you take the dynamic risks. - Timps are well managed into [P].
[P]- is not overblown but played with a full-rounded sound. Slight tuning issues [S] and slight ensemble to close although this is balanced.

III (three)

Clean articulation is noted and music has drive;
Inner parts are heard with good sop contribution
[X] full sounds & the drive maintained. Some pitch errors prior to [Y]. Detail is evident & the music builds to a strong close.

Overall - A very enjoyable performance with good basics in place and some excellent individual contributions well directed by MD.

Thank you

Signature MJW Date 2/3/24

Adjudicators Remarks (SBinns)

A very good opening filled with detail in articulations + dynamics

[C] Good balance +ensemble

[F) great horns and well-balanced accomp.

H- lots of detail heard + great dynamic contrast after[J]

[K] - Accel is well paced + good style into Mov2


Movement Two

Intonation is good to start mov2 with some lovely sounds from cnt + Euph - Thank you.

Super attention to dynamics, well controlled + lovely warm band sound. This is great.

[N] Good tuning in trom/bari - Yes

Into [P] works very well, leading to a luscious and broad sound.

[R] - Perc is just right and into [S] tempo is good.

Again, intonation is great throughout with the minor ensemble blip in cnts, but this was super playing.


Mov 3 Festival

Starts with great pulse and control

Ensemble is tight - This is good

[V] - All good

W - odd little blemish, but a beautiful sop

[Y] - Good dynamic control + all parts are heard.

[AA] - Again - Yes!

[Bb] - style is good + consistent in approach, leading to a triumphant end.


Overall a performance which has so much to admire + enjoy, including super dynamics, styles and soloists


Thanks to band + M.D !



2nd March 2024

Light Up a Life Services

Sun, 3 Dec 2023

Summer Reception by High Sheriff

Sat, 22 Jul 2023

South Yorkshire High Sheriff's Summer Reception


South Yorkshire Police Brass ensemble on stage at Firth Hall, Sheffield UniversityThe band's ten-piece ensemble performed at the South Yorkshire High Sheriff's Summer Reception last Saturday at Firth Hall, Sheffield University.
The event was hosted by Professor Jaydip Ray, Vice-Chancellor of the University. It was attended by VIP guests and civic dignitaries from across the county.


The reception was a great success, with guests enjoying a delicious buffet and live music from the South Yorkshire Police Brass Band Ensemble.
The band performed various pieces, including classical favourites and popular tunes, and their performance was met with great applause.


The reception was also an opportunity for guests to network and learn more about the work of the High Sheriff's Office. The High Sheriff, Professor Jaydip Ray, spoke about the office's importance and the work he is doing to support the community.

The South Yorkshire High Sheriff's Summer Reception was a fantastic event that brought together people from all walks of life to celebrate the county and its community. We would like to thank everyone who attended and made the event a success.

Here are some of the highlights of the event:fanfare team looking into firth hall

  • The delicious buffet dinner
  • The live music from the South Yorkshire Police Band Ensemble
  • The opportunity to network with VIP guests and civic dignitaries
  • The chance to learn more about the work of the High Sheriff's Office






Wentworth Woodhouse - concert in the park

Sun, 25 Jun 2023
A balmy 27 celcius 

Bawtry Arts Festival

Sat, 17 Jun 2023

Wetherby Bandstand

Sun, 7 May 2023

Wetherby Bandstand post-concert review

The band performed on a gloriously sunny afternoon to a packed crowd.

The band performed on a gloriously sunny afternoon to a packed crowd.
We donated our fee for the event to the Lost Chord Charity. The charity CEO Claire was with us today.Listen to her explain how the charity delivers interactive music into care homes and the community.

Comedy Tonight

Composer: Stephen Sondheim
Arranger: Sandy Smith
Year: 1962
History: " Comedy Tonight" is a song from the musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. It is the show's opening number and sets the tone for the rest of the production. The song is lively and upbeat and celebrates the joy of comedy. It is a fast-paced song with a catchy melody and a witty lyrics. "Comedy Tonight" is a classic musical theatre song that will get your toes tapping.

Memory from Cats Composer:- Soprano cornet solo

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Arranger: Alan Catherall
Year: 1981
History: "Memory" is a song from the musical Cats. It is sung by the character Grizabella, an ageing glamour cat looking back on her life. The song is a beautiful and haunting ballad that tells the story of Grizabella's loneliness and regret. "Memory" is one of the most popular songs from Cats and has been covered by many artists, including Barbra Streisand, Elaine Paige, and Sarah Brightman.


The Girl I Left Behind Me

Composer: Percy French
Arranger: Gordon Langford
Year: 1892
History: "The Girl I Left Behind Me" is a traditional Irish folk song. It is a slow and mournful ballad that tells the story of a man who has left his sweetheart behind to go to sea. The song is a classic of Irish music. It has been covered by many artists, including The Clancy Brothers, The Dubliners, and The Pogues.

April in Paris - Flugel Solo

Composer: Vernon Duke Arranger: Mark Freeh Year: 1932 History: "April in Paris" is a jazz standard by Vernon Duke. It is a lively and upbeat song that captures the spirit of springtime in Paris. The song is a favourite among jazz musicians. It has been recorded by many artists, including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Goldcrest March

Composer: Alfred Reed Year: 1956 History: "Goldcrest March" is a military march by Alfred Reed. It is a bright and cheerful march often played at parades and other public events. The song is a favourite among marching bands. It has been performed by many ensembles, including the United States Marine Band and the Boston Pops Orchestra.

Trumpet Tune - piccolo trumpet solo Bill

Composer: John Stanley Year: 1729 History: "Trumpet Tune" is a trumpet solo composed by John Stanley. It is a short and simple piece often used as an introduction to other pieces of music.

Little Prayer - Glennie

Composer: James Galway
Arranger: Unknown
Year: 1987
History: "Little Prayer" is a flute solo composed by James Galway. It is a beautiful and serene piece that is often used as a meditation or prayer. 



Composer: Georges Bizet Arranger: Unknown Year: 1875 History: "Farandole" is a lively and upbeat piece from Bizet's opera Carmen. It is a favourite among orchestras and has been performed by many ensembles, including the New York Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra. The song celebrates life and is often used as a concert finale.

Niagara test piece run out

Sun, 19 Feb 2023

NEMBBA Contest

Sun, 12 Feb 2023
The band competed against eight other bands in their first public performance of A Day in the Life of a Knight by Phillip Littlemore.
The band were awarded third place by adjudicator David Ashworth.

Force Carol Service

Tue, 13 Dec 2022
A wonderful evening of carols and festive music provided by the choir of Sheffield Catherdral, directed by Ian Seddon. John Davis conducted the band, and our soprano cornet soloist was Claire Jenkins, playing Little Lord Jesus, arranged by Neils Silfverberg.
The entire programme can be found on the event page. 

We are recruiting: an Eb or Bb bass, a percussionist and 2nd baritone. Get in touch for an informal chat about opportunities for musicians of all ages. 

Order of service

National Police Bravery Awards

Mon, 28 Nov 2022
On Monday evening (28/11/22), the band were honoured to play at the National Police Public Bravery Awards at historic Cutlers Hall, Sheffield.
The awards ceremony presents awards to members of the public who have intervened in life-threatening events across the U.K. The citations were humbling.
Directed by musical director John Davis, the band played topical themes to greet each medal winner, and dinner music through the evening.

Lions Charity Concert with Wheatsheaf Singers

Sun, 9 Oct 2022
The band were joined by the Doncaster Wheatsheaf Singers to give a concert organised by the Lions charity at Parkland Club in Doncaster. The band and choir enjoyed performing to a large, appreciative audience and were able to help raise almost £3000. This money will be donated to the Serenity appeal, a local charity who support families who have experienced baby loss.